Monday, June 11, 2007

Butt-numb-athon memories

This blog will serve to host stories and photos from the past 7 Butt-numb-athons as well as the Butt-numb-athons yet to come. I'll kick it off with one very quick memory since its very fresh in my mind. In 2002 (BNAT 4), Eli Roth brought to BNAT a copy of a tape he aquired at NYU film school called Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation. Because this was the year that the poster featured the awesome Raiders parody painting with Harry as Indy, Eli thought it would go over well. He was underselling this movie. Although everyone in the entire audience knew that the next film up was THE TWO TOWERS, when we shut off the Raiders Adaptation tape that was playing as filler for the breakfast break, the entire audience screamed, gasped and demanded to have it continue. The audience wanted the Raiders Adaptation more than the U.S. premiere of the Two Towers.

Flash forward to May 30,2003. Eli had since tracked down the filmmakers and suggested that a world theatrical premiere be staged with a reunion of the filmmakers. That's a long story in and of itself, but suffice it to say that through the AICN press that developed around that screening, the Raiders kids, 18 years after making the movie, got their fair due. They are pursuing filmmaking projects again and have optioned their life rights to Paramount. Dan Clowes has just finished the final draft on the screenplay adaptation of their "adaptation" story and the future is looking very bright for the hardest working 12 year olds I have ever known. More memories to come...